I hope that you enjoy and find value in what I have for you on this website.

For all players and coaches of sport, there is so much that is not taught or shared.

Let’s expand our minds and power of influence beyond cones and drills.

If you have already suspected that your effectiveness is measured by so much more than your ability to run a session or motivate your team at half time – then you have come to the right place.

A new world of opportunity and incredible performance awaits, if you are prepared to learn and adopt the core principles that will drive this.

My sole purpose is to help motivate and resource you to be the best that you can possibly be for your team.

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"I found Stuart to be engaging and accessible for a coach of his background and experience. Not only is he technically and tactically as-tout on all things kicking he also has a deep understanding of the cultural and sociological impacts of coaching and coaching behaviors. Through our meetings he helped me explore and expand various ideas I had surrounding not only my coaching but how I operate as a coach educator and developer, as well as ideas surrounding my business. I would highly recommend Stuart as a consultant and as an all round decent guy"
Derek O’Riordan