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Yu Tamura, Japan Rugby having his kick filmed and analysed by me at practice
To realise your potential requires professional guidance, regardless of where YOU are in the world

Step 1 – It’s as easy as YOU filming a couple of your kicks (tablet, handy cam or even smartphone). One would be ‘front on’ and the other a ‘side on’ angle. Don’t worry, I’ve got a set of simple instructions and tips for you when you sign up

Step 2 – Using the instructions that I send you, the next step is sharing your video footage over to me. I prefer the WeTransfer service as it’s very easy, secure and free.

STEP 3 – I will then thoroughly analyse your goal kicking routine and break down each step of the way. In 3-5 days you will receive a screen recording video & audio, a written key point assessment plus personalised practice recommendations

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*This Product Is A Fully Customised Video Analysis, Key Point Assessment & Practice Plan

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Stuart Lierich is a professional kicking coach who has worked with and consulted to many professional rugby clubs & players in seven countries worldwide. With a list that includes NEC Green Rockets Japan, The ARU Talent Pathway, Wigan Warriors UK Superleague & Melbourne Storm NRL Academy, he is well placed to help you too…

How Secure Are My Details?

Very. This website has an encrypted ssl security certificate, and the ‘Stripe’ payment gateway is the choice of many trusted global organisations. I will never, under any circumstances offer or sell your details to any third party. Your privacy is important to me and my reputation as a professional coach

What If I Don't Improve?

I place my professional experience and reputation on the line. If you truly are motivated to improve, and adopt ALL of the suggestions & changes I recommend, then I guarantee positive results