About Me

From Barely A Semi-Pro Athlete To Global Sports Coach

I have achieved a career as a well travelled professional sports coach & educator in a world dominated by ex-pro athletes getting handed most high profile coaching and consulting opportunities.

It was in no way was this an easy ride, believe me.

And I don’t feel for a second that I have ‘made it’ either. I am not like that.

I want my story to resonate with those that truly know deep down that, there is always a way to reach your goals…if you are prepared for (more than) a few bumps along the way.

Teaching Is In My DNA

It was in my blood to love sport, and I couldn’t get enough.

Having parents that encouraged and fostered my enthusiasm was a tremendous gift in disguise.

Even though, all I ever wanted to do from a young age was play Pro AFL (Australian) Football, it was my curiosity that had me experimenting with every sport I could possibly try!

From a young age I used to relish reading up about different sports and trying to teach all the other kids in my street,

Rugby, Tennis, Gaelic Football, Cycling, Skateboarding & Basketball were all on the list.

As a skinny and not overly tall adolescent, my enthusiasm far outweighed my abilities.

It was however, through these formative years, that my real desire to help, encourage and teach began to bubble to the surface..

What makes Me Different Then?

I want you to get to know who I really am.

Most about me/us pages are layers of professional achievements, depicting a company, person or life of perfect.

My life is far from perfect. It never has been perfect.

There is no such thing.

And why should either of us want it any other way?

My beautiful wife and three kids have had to endure some scary sacrifices, low wages and countless disappointments in this journey of personal growth and development as I seek to help others thrive.

Very much a team effort that I am grateful for.

They have all seen the sides that make me human, very human.

This is my story. Perhaps one that is not unique, but one in which I am prepared to share with you in the hope that you get a good idea of who I am.

You see, I am much like you.

Perhaps, what makes me different is that I want to pass it all on to you.

Most coaches (at any ‘level’) feel power in keeping their learnings and trade secrets.

I feel for those, as to me this is in actual fact, a weakness.

So, if you will allow us to get to know each other better, I want to give you all of the tools, information & principles that I have acquired in my 15 year coaching journey.

Oh, I’m not finished by any stretch.

I entirely believe the best coaches are life long learners, and the day I stop seeking it, is the day I die a little on the inside.

Towards New Horizons

In the summer of 1990 I graduated from high school in a country town in Australia with such desire to learn about Physical Education & Biomechanics.

This was the same year I made my senior first team debut as a 16 year old in the region that I lived. (Still skinny and not overly tall!)

My grades in school were reasonable, but certainly not outstanding (or enough to gain entry into University education).

As it turned out, I ended up being recruited to a second tier (state/county level) football club after representing a top flight team in their academy grade.

Life was certainly a roller coaster, moving to another city, pursuing the pro football dream on top of paying those extra bills with a ‘real job’.

It was, in fact, my ‘real world commercial’ experience that has provided me with incredible value for the coaching roles I now have.

Relationships, customer service, problem solving, chairing meetings, conflict resolution, thinking on your feet…the list goes on.

After a few years on the fringe of the senior team, and a good bout of glandular fever, I moved into coaching.

My love of coaching skill, and in particular “kicking” came to the fore. My deep interest for biomechanics in sport, coupled with deisre to master the practical application came really came to the fore.

In a variety of casual coaching roles for the next few years, I spent many hours observing benchmarks in team dynamics, coaching behaviour and skill execution.

The real challenge in life came when my desire to coach and develop people in the sporting domain took control of me.

What I wasn’t aware of at the time, was that no matter how enthusiastic you were, or skilful a coach, you needed to have runs on the board to be considered.

This is something I didn’t have.

Looking back, naivety was a blessing, as I was so intent on becoming a full time coach that I couldn’t see the challenges that lay ahead.

For the next few years of ‘practical’ study, I built a nice network of other coaches, all much smarter than I.

Building my contacts, as well as honing my message and philosophy were key.

It wasn’t until I landed my first few coaching opportunities as a skills specialist, that any career began to show signs of life.

A wise man once told me, “the best way to get coaching opportunities is to coach”..

Thanks Dad. This certainly helped.

Somehow, even though life was (and often still is) two steps forward and one step back, I could feel some momentum.

The rest of my story is what I want to save for this website and for you.

These are all the things that I have sponged, extracted, read, watched, endured or tried.

These are the things, that whilst there are no secret formulas, will help you avoid some of the many mistakes I have made along the way.

The ingredients that will, if you let me help you, improve your performance and accelerate your effectiveness.

The path is lit, and I’m looking forward to helping you discover YOUR way.

Let’s do this…


If you have only just discovered this website, may I suggest that you START HERE

It’s time to write your own story.

Yours in Sport,


Ah, 1991 feels like yesterday! How time flies. A whole new world opened up when I moved out of home and interstate at 17 years of age. Here I am posing for the Norwood FC player profile photos from that season. Please, no hair jokes…

Like many coaches, I started out coaching back at my old club, and with my kids sports teams. Wow, if only we knew then what we do now, right? These opportunities are often overlooked at the time for providing many great lessons and learning!

It is a privilege to have the opportunity to coach at any level. We all have a duty of care to be the best we possibly can for our players and the interests of our wider sports community. Here I am in 2014 taking a skills session at Pro Rugby Club Rovigo in Italy.

It is fair to say, that my adult skateboarding experiences with my son have taught me so much about coaching and creativity. To spend time at a skate park and observe this learning environment is a lesson for all ‘traditional’ thinking coaches out there. Yes, that is me, promise you won’t tell my wife?

My family. It is the support of my special people that has allowed me to pursue this mission of helping, teaching and coaching others in sport.

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