1 Ridiculously Simple Thing That Will Add Distance To Your Kicks!

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Adding distance to a player’s kick would be the biggest request I receive when working with players on their action.

(oh, in case you were wondering…second place goes to “How can I fix my accuracy?”)

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As you’d no doubt be aware, there’s a few base ingredients that go into improving your kicking, including adding distance.

That aside for the moment, here’s what you can do NOW to give that ball a mightier nudge:

(hint – we are NOT talking about kicking harder, because smooth ALWAYS wins)…

What is this missing piece of your kicking puzzle?

These are the slides from a webinar presentation, so some may need context but you’ll get the picture!

1. Our Weight (Momentum) Must Transfer Through Impact Of The Kick (many players anchor and stop momentum flow, power)

2. Direction Towards Goal Target (accuracy and efficient strike)

3. Support Foot To Release From Ground At Heel Strike To Prevent (Park Brake) Rotation Around Body Of Kicking Leg

It’s about having your (whole of) body assist the kick, rather than rely solely on kicking leg power!

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