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Coaching, in no way is easy.

But, you already know that.

What you may not realise yet, is that you’ll need to get way beyond field cones, drill books and whistles to really become an effective coach.

If you wish to develop smarter players, win more games or even progress your career, you’re going to need some help with the journey.

Great Coaches Invest In Themselves

The COACH-ABILTY membership is a premium subscription suited to coaches of all sports and levels of competition.

The information you will have access to is entirely practical regardless of which sport OR where you see yourself in your coaching pathway.

Coach-Ability exists not only to teach and educate, but to support you along the way.

Backed by 20 years of sports coaching experience, including professional teams & international athletes.

Simply put, your tactical prowess & natural ability to conduct a half-time speech does not set you apart from your coaching competition.

They know as much as you do right now.

You need deeper layers from which to produce consistent results.

For what is roughly the cost of a small piece of fruit per day, I will provide to you with all the tools you will need to become a ‘next level’ coach in your sporting domain.

Derek O’Riordan
"I found Stuart to be engaging and accessible for a coach of his background and experience. Not only is he technically and tactically as-tout on all things kicking he also has a deep understanding of the cultural and sociological impacts of coaching and coaching behaviors. Through our meetings he helped me explore and expand various ideas I had surrounding not only my coaching but how I operate as a coach educator and developer, as well as ideas surrounding my business. I would highly recommend Stuart as a consultant and as an all round decent guy"

So, What's In It For You?

You’ll Develop Your HOW, Not Just The What.

Content & Downloads Include – Effective Coaching Behaviours, Analysis & Feedback, Improving Skills & Decision Making, Player Development + ‘soft skills’ such as delivering effective Presentations/Meetings, Communication WorkflowsManaging External Relationships & Building Your ‘Coaching Brand’

Receive support, ideas & motivation in the Coach-Ability Closed Facebook Group

Member Exclusive Content delivered to you in an easy to digest, written, audio & video formats. Easily log in and out of your ‘Member Locker Room’ whenever is convenient for you!

$0.50cUS per day ($14.99US/mth), a small investment to accelerate your learning, motivation and unlock your potential as a sports coach.

Exclusive Access To The Coach-Ability Podcast Episodes On The Website

Front Row Seat For All Recorded [Video] Webinars

Video, Audio & PFD Downloads To Use & Keep!

Personal Email Replies, Assistance & Interaction

Fresh Content Added Each & Every Week

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How Secure Are My Details?

Very. This website has an encrypted ssl security certificate, and the ‘Stripe’ payment gateway is the choice of many trusted global organisations. I will never, under any circumstances offer or sell your details to any third party. Your privacy is important to me and my reputation as a professional coach

How Do I Receive The Content?

As a premium member of stuartlierich.com, you will have login access to all of the content on the website.

There will be a separate and easy to find ‘Coach-Ability’ area inside where you will find all the webinars, articles & audio podcasts (can be played straight from page and from your phone!).

You’ll even receive the odd email from me as a way of staying in touch & you’ll always have access to me with any coaching questions, feedback and technical support.

What Happens After My 7 day Trial?

After your 7 day $1 Trial has completed, your membership will be upgraded to full and charged at $14.99/mth. But don’t worry, if you feel this isn’t for you, then you can cancel anytime before the trial ends 🙂


What if I Change My Mind? Can I Cancel My Membership?

Yes, of course. That’s the great thing about choice, right? Even though I am sure that all content provided through the premium subscription will make you dizzy happy – you can cancel your membership at any time!

Stuart Lierich is considered one of the best specialist skills coaches in the world, having coached and consulted at all levels to sports organisations on 4 continents. Stuart is enthusiastic about empowering all coaches and players to realise their full potential using a holistic framework of knowledge and personal experience designed to motivate. Have a question about this membership, then send Stuart a direct (email) message here…

Warning – This membership isn’t for everyone!

I value Transformation over Information, so I put an incredible effort into the success of our members, through interaction and follow up.

If you’re happy to cruise, have become cynical about coaching or happen to already ‘know it all’, then please hit the back button as you wouldn’t be a good fit for us anyhow…