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Next Level Performance
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Coaching Environment

Hello, I’m Stuart Lierich, a Specialist Sports Coach & Educator.

My belief in helping you learn and improve is simple: Share everything I know, be transparent, work hard and be open and approachable.

That is what I am about, and that is what this website is about.

There is so much that your coaching accreditation course didn’t teach you, as well there are many resources that coaches are missing to truly develop learning and performance.

Coaching Environment:

  • All the things that contribute to player learning, improving skills and better performances. These include such things as practice design, YOUR behaviours, feedback quality/frequency, team culture and cohesion.

Empowering Players:

  • Giving them the keys to take ownership of their own learning. This is more than an attitude, but a beacon that guides your philosophy. The brave new frontier where we must leave behind our egos and direct our behaviours towards the needs of our athletes.

Next Level Performance:

  • Not always winning more games, but measuring the way your team plays against the benchmarks and processes that are in place. There is much gold dust between the cracks, and our job as coaches is to find it and use as a fuel to further riches for our teams.

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I want to take this moment to thank you for taking the time to visit my site.

I do my best to answer everyones messages & emails as I value the time and energy you take to write them.

Again, welcome and I am so excited about helping you take your own performance to the next level!

Yours In Sport,